Top Esports vs Suning Gaming


TOp Esports and Sunning are two of the best teams in the LPL this split regarding the standing. The fact are differents. It seems to me that sunning are creating space for their adc and has no other strats. On the other hand : TOP ESPORTS. 369 on the toplane can be a resilient laner but can also carry the game with some picks. Karsa has an amazing lvl,knight on the midlane is a monster and what to say about jackeylove who is the best adc in world imo.

Royal Club vs Shu Dai Xiong Gaming

Apparently the favorite team of this match is Shu Dai Xiong Gaming, so it should win this match, also it is a team that has won the last 3 games, so it is playing quite well, it has beaten LGE, YM and RW.S, so it has to win this match, yes because yes, it has proved to be a strong team to beat.

DongRaeGu vs INnoVation

DongRaeGu is not a bad player, he is actually an elite player and he has the ability to win this match, however, INnoVation is one of the nine best players in the world in STARCRAFT, therefore it is too complicated a challenge for any rival but

Cr4Zy vs LDLC

CR4ZY should be the favorite in this match because they are a better team than LDLC which is usually quite inconsistent, however they have improved over the past few months winning six of their last eight matches but have lost two of The last three head to head games against CR4ZY

Natus Vincere Junior vs Izako Boars

last match navigation team position no comparison Izako boar team it’s really good to play they’re first generation toys and only one map bus as i think navi all hearts firewalls and they’re lucky. Sorry when you no longer use builders for a long time because you need concentration and there is no good player game. Bet NAVI will win the most young members of the team.

Whenever we have two mid-tier gatekeepers clashing, predicting the outcome becomes downright impossible. They’re basically even strength-wise and most of their power heavily hinges around the way they start the game off. In other words, they’re extremely volatile which makes betting frustrating and, at worst, ill-advised. Still, SK Gaming have done a lot better recently and have earned everyone’s benefit of the doubt. Granted, that might not be enough to get the win, but they’re favored for a reason.

Quincy Crew vs beastcoast


It’s no secret to anyone that QC is the best team of america in this moment, this teams have played each against the other three times, and beastcoast won no times, QC has won 5 of his 5 last matches, and beastcoast won 3, but if beascoast play seriously, I think they will win at least one game and surpruse us.

Rogue Warriors vs Top Esports

Top Esports have lost in the finals of the previous split with 3-2 and have won the Asian Mid-Season Cup in the meantime, showing that they are once again contenders for the title here in China. They have some amazing top level players like Karsa and JackeyLove and I don’t think that they will drop even a map today against Rogue Warriors which finished the previous split with a 7-9 record and missed the playoffs.

Cr4Zy vs GIANTS! Gaming

Close match but in my opinion crazy has the better team quality they are in an upper position on the leaderboard against giants but surely will be a close match . I will go with crazy i think they are the better team . Good luck ! !

Generation of Miracles vs Ground Zero

I think this match will ended up with a ground zero win . They are clearly the better team . They have a lot quality against generation of miracles and they are in better form moreover . So i will go with them but everything can happen !