December 5, 2022

Today will be the best spark match in the Indian Super League. Today’s match between the top two teams in the points table is a great match. Both the teams are very strong and good young players

This match will be very exciting as both teams are the teams with the most goals scored this season

Mumbai beat Bangalore and Jamshedpur beat Mohan Bagan in the last match. It gives them more confidence. Speaking of these two teams, both the teams are playing very good attacking football. The speed of the youngsters and the tactics are very good.


Anas, Greg Stewart the diamond weapon of Jamshedpur, is the best player of the season. Mumbai Exit has been hit hard by the injury of the best player this season but all the players have returned to the squad due to the injury of Mumbai FC which gives a lot of courage. If Jamshedpur FC can win today’s match, they can move to the first position

The match will be played at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium at 7 pm Indian time