December 4, 2022

Best bookies with draw no bet

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Do you often feel like placing a match win bet on a specific team, only to stop at the last moment because of the high risk of a draw? Well, if you understand how Draw No Bet works, you might discover your new betting strategy. Draw No Bet (frequently abbreviated as DNB) is available at almost every online bookmakerworldwide and is massively appreciated by a number of bettors who consider it the cornerstone of safe betting.

A Draw No Bet might offer lower odds compared to your original match result bet, however what you get in return is far more valuable: A typical three-way football bet is instantly converted into a two-way bet, thus improving your chances of not losing your stake, if your selected team fails to win. This can become a true weapon for every bettor in the long term.

Let’s get into a bit more analysis concerning what a Draw No Bet actually is and which strategy you should follow to get its full advantage.

How does the Draw No Bet work?

A draw no bet can be considered as a type of insurance when you wager on a match outcome. The way it works, is that if a match ends in a draw, you then receive a full refund of your initial stake. If the selection wins, you get the full payout of the winning odds.

The odds you receive for a winning dnb bet are significantly smaller as opposed to a straight 1X2 bet. Your projected winnings are trimmed as a result of the extra safety the dnb option provides.

DNB Meaning explained

A simple example: If you had placed a €10 stake on Team A win, on 2.70 odds,  you would receive a €17 profit. If you had wagered 10€ on 1.80 odds on a Draw No Bet then you would net €8 of profit. Although it might not seem all that bad, it does mean that your liability is bigger to begin with. It’s up to you to decide whether or not, the added insurance is worth it.

Now for the good part. If you had backed Team A on a straight win and the match ended as a draw you would unfortunately lose your bet. If you had placed a Team A Draw No Bet however, you would get a full refund of your stake.

Ultimately, you must carefully weigh and balance the risks and rewards. The only foolproof of utilising a draw no bet, is to make a careful odds assessment before, or during the course of a match, depending on when you will place your bet. Remember that in a draw no bet wager you are spreading your stake on both two possible results, your team’s win and a draw.

lternative Asian Handicap 0.0

This looks like a similar option to a dnb bet, but in pure numbers, it actually isn’t. If you glance at the Asian Handicapbets on your online bookmaker, you will find that, in most cases, the odds stand at a better price.

For example, you might see that an Asian Handicap 0.0 win stands at 1.83 odds as opposed to a Team A DNB win that is offered at 1.73. Given that its the same bet, there is no reason to pick the lower odds. It might seem weird, but in Asian Handicap betting, the commission is far smaller, even on online bookmakers who offer both European and Asian betting types.

dnb asian handicap 0.0Create your own Draw No Bet

On rare occasions, you might be unable to find a DNB bet on a specific match. If you feel like you could use the security of a Draw No Bet, you can always set it in a different way, by creating your own odds.

Simply use the same amount you would place on your selected team and add an extra bet on the draw. This extra bet is calculated using the exact stake, divided by the draw’s odds.

Suppose you have decided to place a €50 bet. The odds of the match are:

1-Home Win: 1.60

X-Draw: 4.00

2-Away Win: 5.50

If you decide to place a dnb-style bet on an Away win, all you have to do is divide your available amount (€50) with the draw odds (4.00). This way you can find out exactly how much you should wager, in order to get both your stakes back. In this example, the amount stands at €12.50.

You then subtract this amount (€12.50) from your complete stake (€50) and bet the rest (€37.5) on your initial choice.

If the match ends in a draw, you will get all your money back (€50), in the same way as with a dnb otpion. In case of an away win, you’ll get 37.5 X 5.50 = €206.25

These calculations may seem needless, as most online bookmakers are now offering the Draw No Bet option on most events. Some punters tend prefer using it however, as it eliminates the 5% bookie overround on odds sets. This is also applicable to the home no bet and away no bet wagers.

The Cover Bet Strategy

Online bookmakers developed the Draw No Bet after a long research of their punters’ habits! Many bookies realized that the extra safety of getting money back in the “near miss” of a draw would persuade a significant number of bettors to either place more bets, or increase their stakes. This makes the dnb more of a betting strategy than a simple type of betting.

The strategy is simple: Find any sports event where the draw stands as a result (three way market) and place two bets: one on the team you think will win and the other on the draw. The only difference on the amount of those two bets, is that your draw stake must be just enough to give you your money back.

You can choose which matches you’d rather place a DNB, instead of a straight win bet. For example, it’s recommended when a favorite is playing away from home. If they manage to score the first goal, they will most likely play cautiously in order to protect their lead. By using the DNB you eliminate the risk of losing your bet due to an equalizing goal.