June 17, 2024

The 13th round match of the APL between Southampton and Arsenal will take place on October 23 at St. Mary’s Stadium.



Hardly anyone would have thought that the London team so perfectly able to keep a winning rhythm for a third of the season. Yes, the transfer policy at Arsenal was carried out very well, but in fact it was not a guarantee that the “Cannons” will stamp victories in packs. Now Arsenal have already had 8 wins in a row in different tournaments, in fact, in addition to the excellent progress in the “APL” they also have time to stamp victories in the European league. In general, the indicators of Londoners at this point of the season – 13 victories in 14 meetings. That’s actually a question, what is the probability that on a fairly trivial and routine match against Southampton, Arsenal will lose? Perhaps the probability of that is not the highest. Under Mikel Arteta, Arsenal’s side are now acting textbook, the wins may not be the most spectacular, often the score is only 1-0, 2-1, but the productivity is huge, and now the Londoners are almost without a defeat during the season.



Southampton play at about the level you would expect them to play at. A place around the top-12 are trying to hold their own, and are scoring against similar opponents. Right now the Saints are on a bit of a rough patch, with 4 losses in a row, but then a draw and a minimal win over second-rate opponents they were able to get. Given the stunning run that Arsenal are showing at the moment, it will obviously be very difficult for the home side to claim points here. Arsenal are just a machine to win, and Southampton’s only standout feature so far is one of the most dysfunctional defensive lines at the start of the season. If Arsenal play in this match as confident and convincing as in their previous games, the hosts will have nothing to look forward to.


Quite a working odds put on the victory of the London club in this match, that’s actually not necessary to come up with something else here, clearly you can just play for the victory of the clear favorite. As we think, it’s not a chance for Arsenal to win 3-0 here, they play with pragmatism and after scoring a goal they can just play by the score. That’s actually what we recomend to betting here: a win for the visitors without any minus forks.

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