April 15, 2024

The Selhurst Park arena in London will host an APL championship match. Local side Crystal Palace and Manchester United will find out the relationship. In recent rounds, the teams have been showing a fairly high level of soccer. The home team and the visitors will do everything to win. What should be taken into account before the start of the meeting?


The London team failed to outplay Brentford at home in the previous round, when they achieved only a world 1-1. The hosts have only one win in the opening six rounds, also three worlds and two losses. Despite their low position in the second part of the table of ranks, at the moment the Eagles were second only to the league leaders in the form of Arsenal and Manchester City.


Two defeats in a row in the first two games of the AFL have badly damaged Erik ten Hag’s prospects. The Dutch coach was able to draw the right conclusions. So much so, in fact, that his side have won four straight victories in the APL. Most importantly, the Red Devils defeated the vice-champion Liverpool and the league leader Arsenal. In addition, MJ has two away wins without conceding a goal in disputes with Southampton and Leicester. This is also important, as the Mancunian squad has previously conceded in 15 consecutive away games in the APL.


In the five previous face-to-face games, neither the home team nor the visitors had an advantage. The teams picked up two wins each, with another match bringing the signing the peace.

The match in London will answer the question of whether ten Hague’s team is capable of winning over the distance and keeping the winning tone. Without a pleasant answer for the team’s fans, United will not be able to claim the highest positions in the APL.

In our opinion, the Manchester side have a good chance to get another win. The visitors will be closer to the victory and definitely will not be without points.


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