July 15, 2024

Did you know a glass of orange juice provides 60% of the recommended amount of vitamin C?

Drinking juices in the morning is a custom that has lasted among us for a long time. It is actually quite healthy to activate our metabolism since thanks to its nutrients it provides a good load of energy. Because they usually contain enough vitamins and minerals. It also helps eliminate waste and improves bowel movement, improves digestion, and even fights constipation.

Beyond all its nutritional properties, orange juice is widely used for breakfast, as it combines with almost everything. Particularly with the synchronized ones, sandwiches, or even hot-cakes. The truth is that few of us conceive our first meal without a said drink. However, some nutritionists say that drinking it every morning could have some consequences.

As we have mentioned above, a glass of orange juice provides 60% of the recommended amount of this vitamin. Vitamin C helps tissue grow, heal wounds, and can help shorten the duration of a cold.

Even the orange also contains vitamin A, which contributes to eye health. It can also prevent the appearance of kidney stones, because according to a study, orange can increase the PH in the urine, making it more alkaline, which helps prevent this disease.

And yes, the truth is that after seeing all the benefits that oranges can have, we all want to drink a juice of that flavor daily, but what happens if this happens? Yes, if you will have it more than enough, it causes pain and abdominal heaviness, nausea, or swelling, especially if gastritis, ulcers, or irritable bowel are present.

But don’t worry! If you are a healthy, active person and you know how to follow rules, yes you can drink orange juice every day, just not in the amount you would like, because the ideal is to drink only half a cup in the morning and without artificial sugar to prevent any kind of bad. Also, you can blend the orange with everything and skin, except the peel, so you can take full advantage of the fruit.

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