June 17, 2024

On September 18 fans are waiting for confrontation between Monza and Juventus in the next round of the Italian Serie A.


A.C. Monza has allowed 14 goals, allowing 2.33 goals in 90 minutes, while opponents have scored 32 goals. The team does not have a single clean goal this season. Monza has received 12 yellow card cautions this season. The White and Reds rank 16th in expected goals with 4.7 and expected goals against with 12.0. The club is averaging 0.17 points per game this year (1 point) and ranks 20th in Serie A with 1 assist. The team’s goal differential is currently -11: 3 goals scored and 14 goals conceded. Alas, it is still one of the weakest teams in Serie A.


The Zebras are averaging 1.7 points per game. The Zebras have a passer rating of 50.0 this year, as well as 13 yellow card cautions. Juventus ranks fifth in goals conceded (4) and has a goal differential of 5. So far this year, the Zebras have a save percentage of 85.0 and rank 7th in the league with 10 points. Their goals against/90 minutes ratio is 0.67 with 16 saves. Juventus has scored 9 goals this year and has an expected goal percentage of 5.2.


Juventus is the clear favorite in this match, so the main surprise will be a goal from Monza, probably not before the second half.


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