June 18, 2024

On Saturday, September 10, in the framework of the 7th round of the championship of England, the match “Fulham” – “Chelsea” will take place. How will the fans enjoy the next London derby?


Fulham club absolutely does not look like a newcomer to the English Premier League this season, which does not fear anyone and successfully bends its attacking line in all matches in which it takes part. The example of the recent confrontations with: vice-champion formidable Liverpool 2-2, Brentford 3-2, Arsenal 1-2, Brighton 2-1 and Tottenham Hotspurs 1-2. That is to say, as we can see, the aptly forward “dachshunds” have scored goals in all the London derbies with the top names so far.


As for the completely unconvincing Chelsea, the defense of the capital “aristocrats”, in principle, is now pathetic to look at. They continue to bring and misfire from game to game, both in the regular season and in the international arena. By the way, a little earlier, the Blue’s flared defense was the culprit of numerous conceded goals in the clashes with: Southampton 1-2, Leeds United 0-3, Tottenham 2-2 and West Ham United 2-1. Well, the day before, Chelsea’s rear also cracked in the Champions League clash with Dinamo Zagreb of Croatia 0-1!


It is certain that Fulham, extremely dangerous in attack, will be able to find loopholes in this derby against Chelsea’s absolutely vulnerable defense. The more so, the Danish players had much more time to recover their strength, unlike the Aristocrats, who were pressed and kicked the entire match by the straightforward and rude players of Dinamo Zagreb. So we waiting for the passage of the bet on ITB 1 (0.5) and give my regards to Fulham’s gifted forward Aleksandar Mitrovic. Who is currently the top scorer in the ongoing EPL!


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