July 15, 2024

When making bets in sports betting, you should know how the fees work. The odds are what determine how much we will win when placing a bet in 1xbet or any other betting sites, and represent the ability of a specific event to occur within the game.

An interesting thing about the odds is that the lower it is, the more likely it is that this event will occur within the game. This means that the lower the fee, the less risk it represents and therefore you will not win much.

On the contrary, if the bet has a high price, then our chances of winning if we make that sports prediction are very low, but in return, we will get a huge amount of money if we win.

On the other hand, bets are almost always represented in decimal form (1.68), but can also come in American (-230) or fractional (3/9) format.


Let’s say that Liverpool is going to face Barcelona. For this, Liverpool is a favorite, so it has an odd of 1.30, while Barcelona’s odd is 2.20.

If we bet 10 dollars on Liverpool and win, we will get 13 dollars. However, if we bet the same 10 dollars on Barcelona and they win, we will get 22 dollars.

As you can see, the more risk an option or variable represents in a bet, the more money we will earn for that bet if we win. However, we are more likely to lose that money.