June 17, 2024

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Liverpool – Arsenal, scheduled for April 9, 2023, it is necessary to consider a number of important factors that may affect the outcome of the meeting. Liverpool takes 8th place in the standings, their opponents – the team Arsenal, located on the 1st line.



Liverpool have a mathematical chance of reaching the top 4, but in practice they lost it in the last game at Stamford Bridge. It was vital that they beat Chelsea, but Klopp’s side had a terrible game and miraculously took away one point (thanks to WAR). And this is not their first failure, earlier Liverpool pretty badly beat MC at home. So there is one conclusion – the Reds are not able to get together at the end of the season and give a win-strike. They lit up in the game with the side at Anfield, and then went out again and scored only 1 point in the next three rounds. With that attitude and game, even the magic of Anfield won’t help them beat Arsenal.


The Canaries had a mini slump in mid-February, but they quickly regained their form and showed everyone that they are ready to hold onto their top spot, they have a championship spirit! A misfiring battle with a direct rival was the last for Arsenal, after Arteta’s team won 6 straight APL games. Undoubtedly, the opponents were not the grandees of the Premier League, but the “cannishers” did not force out victories, and confidently dealt with their opponents. The last 3 games were won with a 3 goal advantage. Arsenal are just on the move, everything goes well for them, hence the success.


For the first time in recent years, Liverpool is not going as a favorite in a home game against Arsenal. And this is not surprising, as the Canaries are performing much better. You can count on the magic of Anfield for the Reds, but where was it in the match against Real Madrid? In general, the Merseysiders still have good results at home, only in their den they scored fewer points than Arsenal on the road. In general, Arteta’s team has only one away defeat in the Premier League, and that was just in February, when there was a slight slump. Now the Canaries are in great form, they should take away at least 1 point from Anfield. That said, I’m not expecting zeros on the scoreboard. Arsenal, for example, is clearly capable of scoring a couple of goals against Liverpool.

They will create as many chances as Chelsea, only, in contrast to their neighbor, they will implement 1-2. But, at the same time, the hosts are capable of answering with a goal. Yes, they have already had two grim matches in April, but on the road at Anfield they simply will not be allowed to play like that by the fans. Liverpool have not yet learned how to score, at least at home, where this season they have not distinguished themselves in only 1 of 13 EPL games. And it is worth noting that Arsenal allow misfires in defense, held only 1 of the last 6 official games on nil. Therefore, you can believe in the Reds’ goal at Anfield, but not in the victory against such a motivated Arsenal, which has gained excellent form.