June 17, 2024
Liverpool Napoli

Liverpool will host Napoli on Tuesday in the sixth round of the Champions League group stage. The English club is in crisis, at risk of not getting into the European competition at the end of the season, but in the Champions League shows acceptable results.



After the departure of Mane, injuries to Henderson and Thiago with Naby Keita, Klopp cannot find an effective combination in his players. The team has become weaker since the Senegalese’s move to Munich, it’s hard to deny that, then the injuries to leading midfielders are unpleasant. After an embarrassing victory over Newcastle (2-1) there was another misfire and the vice-champions of England did not beat Everton (0-0) in the derby, and then a nasty trip to Naples, where historically Liverpool’s game is not working out.



The Neapolitans were energized before Liverpool and beat Lazio with a winning goal from Hvici, who fit perfectly into Napoli’s lineup. Spalletti’s men have a lead with Milan in the league after that Victory, which reminds me painfully of the picture of last season when they had an even stronger start and lead with the Rossoneri. However, there is also good reason for the points against Liverpool in the league, because the Liverpool side does not resemble the fighting machine of recent seasons.


I think that with X here the home team is a very good option. In Napoli since 2010 the teams have played 3 matches and not only that Liver has not won, but also has not scored at all (2 losses in the Champions League and a draw in the Europa League). Napoli are on the move, a very running team that will be supported by the local torcid, while Liver have a rough start to the season plus injuries to leading players. I like the X’s option on the home team very much, considering the guests haven’t found themselves in the renewed version so far.

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