May 24, 2024

The Champions League is rightfully considered the premier club tournament in at least Europe, if not the world. But still, especially in the group tournament, there are pairs with clear favorites. Such will be the case on Wednesday, when Maccabi hosts PSG in their native Haifa. Will the motivation of the hosts help counteract the class of Mbappe and company?


Israel’s Maccabi Haifa can already be up to its ears in the fact that it has managed to qualify for the group stage of the moneyed UEFA Champions League. Where the Jewish flagship, it should be noted, has frankly little chance of making the spring playoffs in the company of the formidable: PSG, Juventus and Benfica. Which should untie Maccabi’s hands and feet, at least in the home games. Where recently Haifa was on fire in their recent encounters with Cyprus Apollo 4-0 and Crvena Zvezda Srbija 3-2, both of which were held in the rankings for the Champions League qualification. And where, as we can see, managed to form a non-standard for soccer betting total more than 3.5 +!


Well, the current Paris Saint Germain should only be imagined now by those born again on planet Earth. After all, the Parisian stars do not disappear from the radar of the glamorous daily press, looking them literally in every place). Anyway, the constellation of PSG has already shone bright attacking colors in the last match of the Champions League with the famous Italian Juve. They managed to outplay them with a score of 2-1. And if Mbappe, Messi and Neymar and their comrades continued to bend the offensive line without stopping. If Mbappe, Messi, Neymar, and his companions had continued to pursue the offensive line without stopping.


The Super-major PSG will have a much better chance to use their own murderous attacking potential to the fullest in their encounter with Maccabi. And Haifa with its noisy home crowd can also answer the guests with its trump cards in the attack, which the Israelis have a lot of nowadays. So, this wild cocktail of class, money and the slogan “nothing to lose” could well lead to a successful bomb blast. And a total of more than 3.5 here should be just a paltry ceiling compared to the goalscoring potential of both teams!)


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