May 23, 2024

Manchester City will play at home against Brentford. City at home so far is very convincing. In 10 matches in all tournaments, all 10 of them are victories. Brentford, which at the moment is located on the 10th line in the standings earns their points in home games.



Manchester City is the strongest team in the world in my opinion, yet often making the difference, Manchester calms down and lets their opponents play. And in general, if you go through the season, the team can often miss at home from not the strongest teams and like to find adventures. The flanks of the defense often go forward and from here the guests will have chances. The center of the field and even the defense line are often high, thus the opponent’s technical midfield can cut off half of the City team in a couple of touches, as they are too carried away by the offense. City ways to score a lot, but they will give the visitors chances.


Brentford play football and maybe it does not always produce results, but it is better than playing like Everton or Wolverhampton and still going below Brentford. The 4-3-3 team plays and how they surprised last season when they broke into the Premier League very brightly. Frank is squeezing the most out of what he has and doing so successfully. Ivan Toney at the moment is the fourth sniper in the league and is very good this season. The team shows good speed and wingers Mbeumo and Wissa may not have filigree technique, but they are very fast in attack and escalate. The center of the field has a good long-range shot and vision of the password and in general the standard positions are also good in the team. Brentford despite the fact that a lot of conceding, they are scoring well this season, and I am sure they can score even in the goals of such an opponent, the prerequisites for this are there.


Both teams play football and despite the strength of the opponent, Brentford is a pretty distinctive team that preaches its own soccer. Thoman Frank is not afraid of even this opponent and the team will have chances and through the flanks Brentford is able to pass City and at least once hit their goal.

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