April 15, 2024

On Sunday 28th August at 18:30 (MSC) at the City Ground, Nottingham Forest vs Tottenham Hotspur will play the final game of the fourth round of the English championship 2022/23. The team of Steve Cooper plans to gain a foothold in the APL on the results of the current season of the national championship, Antonio Conte’s squad is waiting in the ranks of fighters for the champion title in the future. The teams’ tournament goals are radically different, which adds to the intrigue of the encounter.


Nottingham Forest

Nottingham Forest ranks eleventh out of 20 in the standings. Coach Cooper, Stephen continues to work with the team, which is in normal form.
The team does not strike a balance between defense and attack, so misses quite a lot. Consider how the team has played recent matches:
The last time the team played a game at home against the club from the city of London – West Ham United 9 days ago. There was recorded a minimal difference in the score. There was demonstrated a rather rough game with an abundance of yellow cards – 5 units. Before that, the Nottingham Forest team held an away match with the club Newcastle United, which took place 17 days ago. The team of Newcastle United managed to win in their native walls “in the dry” with a score of 2-0. The Nottingham Forest team did not show a confident control of the ball (38% vs 62%), which may have led to the defeat.



Tottenham is in second place in the standings of 20. This team is coached by Conte, Antonio. The team is in its best form.
The club in recent meetings, showed low performance in home games. Let’s see how the team spent the recent matches:
The last time 23 days ago, the team held a home match against the club Roma. There was one goal scored, which decided everything in this encounter and the team of Tottenham Hotspur was left with nothing. The team earned one caution for the game. The match before that, Tottenham Hotspur played an away game against Sevilla. In this meeting, a draw was recorded, which could hardly satisfy this team.


The guests of the match, the team Tottenham played an average of 5 official matches, winning 3 of them. Despite the fact that the team Tottenham plays away, we consider them the unconditional favorites. The Nottingham Forest team shows a rather reserved game, and in matches with its participation very rarely passes the bet Both to Score – yes. Therefore, we can assume that this trend will continue.


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