December 1, 2023

“Porto” will play at home with Atletico in the 6th round of the group stage of the Champions League. The match will take place on November 1.



Porto is the only team that in the Champions League were able to score in the soccer club Brugge, although the Belgians did not need anything in this tournament, since they have already left the group stage of the Champions League. Now they will play at home against the club for Spain and try to put as much trouble to their opponents as possible.


atletico madrid

Atletico Madrid is a team that has not yet been able to earn their way out of the group stage of the Champions League if they win this match today, the chances they have to hope for it is a prestigious club and we have not seen such a weak game from them.


Atletico failed in the Champions League tournament. The Madrid side started well, beating the Portuguese, but after that they scored only two points in four rounds. In turn, Porto won their last three matches in the tournament. We believe that the home team has a good chance, at least not to lose.

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