July 15, 2024

A match that always attracts the attention of fans, not only in Spain, but also regardless of which club they support. Both teams scored the same number of points in the championship and share the first and second lines. Barcelona is ahead of Real Madrid only in terms of better goal difference.



The Royal Club does not slow down the momentum started last year, when they managed to win La Liga, leaving their rivals far behind, and the Champions League, surpassing all the top clubs in Europe. An unexpected misfire happened only in the match with Osasuna in the round before last at home. There it was possible to complain about Karim Benzema’s unrealized penalty ten minutes before the end of the match. This misfire, however, did not affect the victorious pace of the “creamy” either in the Example or in the Champions League.


With Xavi, the team is getting better and better. It is clear that the fans are impatient, and they want everything at once, but this does not happen. In the championship, the team has a series of seven victories in a row, many of them ended in the defeat of rivals, but still the team is still unstable. If the same Real Madrid can see when it can add and squeeze, then in this case there are such matches as with Celta in the last round, when the Catalans simply rebounded. Or in the Champions League with Inter, when the Xavi team does not have any ideas with tight custody and disciplined defense of the opposing team. It is likely that fatigue is affecting, a game on two fronts, which the players still cannot stand.


We give the advantage to Real Madrid, the team plays at home, and in the match with Shakhtar, the creamy ones were able to relax a bit.

The home team will approach this match extremely concentrated in order to prevent a third consecutive defeat against Barcelona. Real Madrid win this match more likely.

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