April 15, 2024


On February 2, Valencia and Real Madrid will meet on the same field. The Slivoviks look like the clear favorites in this encounter, but is it all so clear?


The team under Carlo Ancelotti is back to winning ways. Last season, the Italian and his charges won almost everything except the Spanish Cup. And in the new temporada, in general, it is possible to keep at the same, the highest level. But there have been enough misfires. The lost points in November were worth the loss of the 1st place in the Primera. In the winter it was already difficult for the “Royal Club” even with Valladolid – the resistance of the “puselanos” was broken only thanks to a penalty in the 83rd minute. And Cacereno, on a terrible field, were only beaten in the Cup thanks to a single goal by Rodrigo in the middle of the second half. It would seem that we should learn from this, hear the “bells”. But no, next was the meeting with Villarreal and a 1-2 defeat!


It was as if the club decided to “cosplay” Real Madrid. Last summer Peter Lim decided to remove Pepe Bordalas, despite reaching the Spanish Cup final. And he called Gennaro Gattuso to the Mestalla, by the way, who as a footballer played for a long time for Ancelotti. But as a coach of Reno he has worked only at home. He tries to play his trump card in Spain as well, but he does not succeed there. Including in winter, after a pause, Los Ces began with a loss to potential rival Villarreal. And conceded a decisive goal in the 88th minute. And only then the fans were delighted with a confident win, albeit in the Cup against a modest opponent, La Nusia. A stronger and more motivated opponent, Cadiz, managed to beat the Bats, who never answered a conceded goal.


We think that Real Madrid will finally rehabilitate themselves for their recent failures. “Valencia is not impressive at all.