July 15, 2024

The first thing you have to know is that bets have what we call odds associated with them, which is the number that determines the benefit you will get if you win the bet. So, the odds play a very important role in deciding which type of bet you will choose.

By making a simplified classification we can distinguish between:

Simple bets: 

They are the simplest bets, and the most used by beginner users or by users who do not want to get too complicated, the odds in this type of bet are usually lower.

With a simple bet, you will be able to follow the forecasts of the experts and bet on a single option, for example in a soccer match you can bet on the victory of a team or on a draw, (it would be the well-known 1 X 2 of the pool).

Combined bet: 

In this type of bet, you can get better odds and you bet on different variables in the same event. For example: which soccer team is going to win the match and how many goals will it score. Today on all sports betting websites including 1xbet, you will find the combinations and, in many cases, you can combine up to 12 variables.

Live bets: 

These are bets that are made during the development of the sporting event. Here you will also find high odds and depending on how the competitions are going you can change your forecast. In addition, you can make different bets live and correct if you have made a mistake. Make your sports prediction and live the tension, nerves, and adrenaline that, of course, are guaranteed.

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