April 15, 2024

This strategy allows you to take full control of your betting amount (bankroll). It involves betting fixed amount. On every bet made, it requires betting same amount for a while. Calculation of bet amount is done based on your bankroll percentage. This type of betting is also called ‘fixed betting’. This is because there can be a fixed proportion of 1% to 5% from your bankroll.


For instance, you have $1,000 bankroll with 1% fixed bet amount on your bankroll. It will be $10. Time period for stake to remain same will be a month. During this time, risking one percent of bankroll for each bet, you make 50 stakes. Then profit earned will be a neat $50. This effectively means total bankroll will be $1100. Now, you may stake $11 that is 1 percent of $1100.


You have the choice to increase your fixed percentage to about 5%. But as a beginner to this strategy, you should opt to start with only 1%. Increase your stake as you gain experience and expertise.


  • Expert/Academic betting: Stake is around 1% to 3% of bankroll based on success rate, sports knowledge and bettor’s confidence.
  • Static betting: It is considered to be the safest among all the types where stake is one percent of bankroll. It remains the same for a long period.
  • Chaotic betting: Stakes are 10+% of the bankroll. You may make necessary adjustments as desired.
  • Aggressive betting: It is quite risky and constitutes 2% to 3% of bankroll. Even after consistent losing, this percentage does not reduce.

Checking about the above, choose something that matches your profile and risk capacity.

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