April 15, 2024

Are you finding that the bets that you have placed on express bets have been dropping consistently due to iron favorites? If this is the situation you are facing, then you may choose anti-express betting strategy. This is a revolutionary strategy in sports betting.


It is just opposite to betting. To win in express train, all elections are to be won in its composition. However, with anti-express, it is possible to win even if one event fails. There is a formula that is followed: (100 percent – express winning probability). More events in the express will mean fewer calling chances. However, in this particular case, anti-express winning chances increases.

Anti-express bet placing tips

  • Add to the coupon outcomes derived from different matches.
  • Select ‘anti-express’ bet type.
  • Enter amount. Confirm bet placement.

For whom is this strategy?

A good number of players are found to lose 1-2 bets while using Express strategies. They can avail Anti-express strategy to improve their odds. In anti-express coupon, if events have high odds, then there will be derived minimal profits. To make huge profits, low odds will be desired.

Advantages offered

  • Anti-express strategy can be used to overcome overpriced popular events.
  • Anti-express has high probability of passage in events of large numbers.

Disadvantages reported

  • Low odds especially for higher outcome numbers.
  • In odds, there is noticed increased bookmaker’s margin.

Is it viable to use this strategy?

It suits those players who are found to not enter express just because of one bet.

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