June 18, 2024

Argentina messed up everything in Group C with their loss to Saudi Arabia. If in the case of the Polish team so far everything is quite predictable. In the first match, it was peaceful with the Mexicans, and then won against the same Saudis, coming in first place in the group before the final round, the team of Argentina is now on the verge of flight, even despite the victory over the Mexicans in the second round.


The Argentines came to the World Cup as the main favorites and received a bowl of cold water in the first round when they lost to Saudi Arabia. But they can blame themselves and the Saudis’ coach Hervé Renard, who gave his players a scolding at halftime. After all, the Albiceleste opened the scoring in the first half and had several opportunities to score. Moreover, they scored three goals, all from the offside position.

The game was going according to Argentina’s script, and they settled down, which the Saudis took advantage of, scoring two seemingly illogical goals. And then try to catch their rhythm. In the second round, the Argentines rehabilitated themselves in the match against Mexico, winning 2 : 0, and now if they beat the Poles can take first place in Group C, and then who will remember the match with Saudi Arabia. Only as a misunderstanding. It often happens at the world championships that after such defeats, on the contrary, the team hardens up and wins the championship.



The time of Grzegorz Lyato and Zbigniew Boniek is long gone in the Polish national team, now it has a new leader and captain – Robert Lewandowski. To confirm all his statuses there was at least one small detail, and it is not even about the titles in the national team, after all the Poles never won anything serious. Robert has never been able to score in the World Cup, and now it happened in the second round match against Saudi Arabia.

In general, the Polish team leaves a very mixed impression at the tournament. With the Mexicans happened a pale draw, at home the team received a smashing press. In the second match, the Saudis were stronger for most of the game, but on the counterattack the European team was able to score two goals. It turns out that the wards of head coach Czeslaw Michnevich are not very bright, but can, after many years to go to the next stage of the world championship. But it is unlikely that the Argentines will agree with this.


The Polish team did not impress in the first or second game, while the Argentine team was able to recover and will try to take first place in the group. If the Saudis put a lot of pressure on the Poles throughout the match and could not score, the more experienced and sophisticated team would certainly have at least a couple of their attacks to the goal. Argentina has someone to score, the players tasted victory and will win another one over the Poles.

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