June 17, 2024

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On February 11, Arsenal and Brentford will meet on the field. What do you need to know before the starting whistle?



There came a period when Mikel Arteta’s seemingly well-oiled team began to malfunction. First, the Canaries lost to Manchester City in one of the cups. But you could tell that it was a very powerful opponent. And then the Londoners also lost in the APL to Everton, who just recently fired their coach and are struggling for survival. What is this – the beginning of a black streak for Arsenal?


Brentford this season is very good. Thomas Frank has built a very capable team, which is both happy with the quality of soccer and achieving results. In the previous five rounds of the AFL “bees” have won four victories and one draw. And they do not lose in principle for a very long time. The current Brentford is capable to suffer nerves even to the leader of the championship, and even away.


Arsenal, of course, is the favorite. You can’t argue with that. But the team has suffered two defeats in a row. Easy victory for the hosts in the next round of the EPL surely will not be seen. And the home games in the championship in January at least on the account of Arteta’s wards do not turn out very convincing: 3-2 with the MJU, 0-0 with Newcastle. Yes, the opponents have been coming to visit lately were powerful. But Brentford are no slouch either. Thomas Frank’s side have suffered only four defeats in the last 21 rounds of the EPL. And in the last four rounds they have conceded only a goal, while scoring ten. In their last 12 league games, the Bees have lost just once and since then have not lost in nine rounds in a row. Can such a strong team give decent resistance to Arsenal, which managed to lose even to Everton? I think so. If the hosts got the upper hand, then with a difference of one goal, no more.