May 24, 2024

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In the next round of the championship of Italy 24.04. play “Atalanta” – “Roma”. The guests are “going for four” for the first time in their recent history. But the hosts have not lost their chances for it yet. Who will be the lucky one?



In their last two games against the middle runners – Bologna and Fiorentina – the hosts managed to gain only one point, which did not allow them to beat either Inter or AC Milan, who are also losing points at the moment. Atalanta, therefore, remained in sixth place in the Conference League zone and is still two points behind Inter and four behind AC Milan, the last four.


Jose Mourinho’s side have won three games in a row and regained their place in the top four, which they lost after three straight defeats – to Cremonese, Sassuolo and Lazio. The Romans have 56 points, third place and are three points behind AC Milan and five points behind Inter. But the Wolves have yet to meet with all of their main rivals in person, and those matches will determine which of them will end up in the top four.


If we compare the standings of the opponents, taking into account their home and away fields, the Romans are a little better. They scored 25 points on the road in 15 games, while the home team scored 21 in 14. You can treat it as an approximate tie, but in any case, Roma shouldn’t lose.