April 15, 2024

Bookmakers do not may offer their new users welcome offers, but that does not mean that the promotions for registered users have disappeared. There are three requirements that you must meet in any bookmaker to qualify for these offers.


The first thing you should do is to register in the online gaming room that you have chosen. When you have done so, the next step should be to document your identity.


This step is very simple and similar to almost all bookmakers, you must send two photographs with your identity document. Although in some cases, you can also have your passport or driving license so that the house can verify that your data matches those of your registration.


Once you have completed these first two steps in 1xbet, the third is the easiest: wait. When you complete 30 days as a registered user and your account is correctly verified, you will be able to access the promotions and offers of the bookmakers.

In each of them, you will find the ‘Promotions’ section in a different place, but most of them will take care of having it visible on their website for users who meet these requirements.

With this, we finish our quick sports betting guide on promotions and offers, so we recommend you take a look at our other articles and blogs in which we make a ranking of the best bookmakers in the market according to our experts. Also, our website offers the best and most essential sports predictions.

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