June 17, 2024

If you are planning to jump into sports betting, the following FAQs will be helpful.

Q. Do I have to be registered with a bookmaker to be able to make my predictions?

A. Having an account in any of the bookmakers in our country is an essential requirement when placing bets.

Q. Can you play if you are under 18?

A. NO, you can only play if you are of legal age.

Q. Can I make combined bets on the results of the same match?

A. Some bookmakers have a service that allows us to mix several markets from the same match, something totally unthinkable until recently.

Q. Do all bookmakers have an app to bet?

A. Most bookmakers including 1xbet have an app to be able to bet. Enter our ranking of the best apps of the moment.

Q. How do I access bookmaker promotions?

A. You will have to be a registered customer for at least 30 days and have a verified account to be able to access the promotions.

Q. Can I watch matches live while betting live?

A. Many bookmakers have a streaming service and broadcast live matches that we can bet on.

Q. What are the most popular sports you can bet on?

A. In India, the most popular sports are football, cricket, tennis and basketball.

Q. Do all bookmakers have the same odds?

A. Each bookmaker offers odds according to the studies carried out at the meeting, so it is common to find some higher than others. But we recommend choosing a bookmaker that provides sports prediction.

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