July 15, 2024

Curiously, we were actually able to discover certain parallels to another sport. That sport is baseball! The playing field in cricket is oval. Well, this has nothing in common with baseball, although both are field sports.

As you probably know, a baseball field is square. Cricket is played 11 against two, with the eleven players on the field team and the two opponents on the batting team.


In the middle of the playing field, there is a strip called the pitch, with a wooden structure at each of the narrow ends. These are called wickets and are sort of goals.

The fielding players go on the offensive, which means they want to destroy the wickets. The batsmen of the batting team naturally want to prevent this by trying to fend off the ball with a bat.

The bowler skillfully throws the ball in the direction of one of the batsmen, with the technique of the throw being predetermined. If the batsman fails to defend, he is eliminated from the game.

If, on the other hand, he manages to hit the ball away, there is only one hurdle left to overcome. The fielding side can still defeat the batsman by catching the saved ball from the air.

If a batsman retires, he is replaced by the next. However, if everything goes well, the batsmen have to start running and switch places on the pitch as quickly as possible. This change of ends earns the batting side a point called the cricket run.

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