June 17, 2024

England will play Senegal in the 1/8 finals of the World Cup playoffs. The match will take place on Dec. 4


The England team had a solid qualifying round in Qatar and looked one of the best in the tournament in terms of the quality of their attacking actions. The team scored nine goals and kept their goal locked after the first round, having made the right conclusions from the two goals conceded by Iran. “The Three Lions are quite ready to compete with the other World Cup favorites and will count on making it to the late rounds, which they can do with their high level of play.


As for Senegal, the team has already reached good heights, managing to get out of such a quartet. The win against Ecuador showed that the Senegalese will not give the victory so easily to anyone, but the meeting with the Netherlands made it clear that the team is not yet mature enough for the top of world soccer. It will not be easy for the Africans to face such a solid opponent in the 1/8 finals, and you can’t really count on their passing to the quarterfinals.


На мой взгляд, здесь все предельно понятно и сенсации в этой схватке не предвидится. Англия набрала отличный ход и сильнее оппонента по всем параметрам. Сенегал, само собой, поборется в первом тайме, но вряд ли выстоит по итогу, и я считаю, что именно европейцы выйдут победителями из противостояния.

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