April 15, 2024

The Welsh team is one step away from relegation from the Mundial after the defeat in the last round. Will the Welsh team be able to beat England on November 29 and reach the playoffs and what bets on this match will be the most promising?


As for England, the team limited itself to a 0-0 draw with the Americans and leads the B quartet before the final round of the group round. Gareth Southgate’s charges could have played with more intensity against the Yankees, but the calculation to win by a class was clearly not justified.

Not losing to the Welsh would have been enough for the Three Lions to make the playoffs, but a top spot could guarantee a better opponent in the playoffs. This will clearly activate the mood of the players for the upcoming confrontation, and the English will be very strongly motivated in this game.



The Welsh team was frankly weak in the second round of the World Cup and was punished for their modesty in attack and lack of confidence in defense. Robert Page’s team was unable to open the defensive lines of Iran (0-2) and did not maintain concentration at the back, conceding two goals in added time.

The Welsh now need to beat the English in the British derby and count on a draw in the parallel meeting. That is the only way the Dragons can continue playing in Qatar, which makes such plans unrealistic in practice. And Wayne Hennessey’s red card in the last round will make the task even more difficult.


Wales have not shown anything meaningful in the two games in front, scored only one goal from the penalty spot in this period and quite rightly closes the group before the British derby. The team was clearly not ready to compete on equal terms with the other contenders for the next round and is unlikely to have anything to offer the English in terms of taking away those points.

“The Three Lions” saved a lot of strength in the match against Iran and will play only with the aim of winning this fight. By all accounts, the English are superior to their neighbors and have a deeper roster with a lot of big names. We believe that the Dragons won’t be able to resist and will once again be weaker, which we suggest we take advantage of.

In our opinion, the Welsh will concede.

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