June 17, 2024

Team Germany will play against Japan in the first round of the group stage of the World Cup. The match will take place on November 23. Will Japan pull off a sensation against Germany?


The German national team is one of the strongest in the world. It has won four world championships and has won the European Championship three times.

The team overcame qualification for the upcoming World Cup in Qatar without too many problems, winning nine meetings out of ten with one world result, scoring 36 goals and conceding only four.

After that, Germany played another League of Nations game, where it finished in third place in its quartet, winning just one game out of six. In its last game, it defeated Oman (1-0) in a friendly.


Before the last match, Japan had a winless streak of five games without losses. There were three wins and two draws, and in none of them the team did not concede a goal.

In its previous match, the series was interrupted by a home defeat to Canada with the result 1:2. The team finished second in their Asian qualifying group for the World Cup, thereby earning a direct ticket.

Hajime Moriyasu’s squad stood no chance, claiming eight victories in eight games and a 46-2 goal difference.


Despite the fact that the Japanese team broke into the World Cup with confidence, the German team is still the favorite in this clash.
But it will be very, very interesting match, considering the fervor with which the Japanese team started.

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