July 15, 2024

Who will win the Indian Super League between the Bengaluru FC vs Hyderabad clash? Given his excellent performance in the ISL this season and his recent comeback, we can say for sure that Hyderabad FC will win this match but this match will be very tough. However, a good match can be expected. Both teams are very strong, so this match will be very tough for both teams.

In terms of the points table, Hyderabad is top and Bangalore FC is third but if Bangalore wins the match, Bangalore will be able to retain the number one position. Bangalore’s triumph in the last three matches in a row. Bangalore’s key players Sunil Chetri and Ashiq Kuruniyan are also in good form and their performance throughout this season is outstanding.

However, despite losing to Mohun Began in the last match, Hyderabad put up a good defense and had won the previous match by five(5-0) goals against Northeast. With only a handful of games left in the ISL, all teams will be looking to win the remaining games and maintain their points table position. The match will be played at 7.30 pm Indian time at GMC Athletic Stadium

Bengaluru FC – Gurpreet Singh-Sandhu, Ajith, Parag, Alan, Roshan, Suresh, Bruno, Farooq Bhat, Sunil Chhetri, Cleiton, Prince Ibara
Hyderabad FC Kattimani, Nim, Sana, Juanan, Akash, Mikhilo, Joao Victor, Hitesh, Aniket, Edu Bedia, Bartholomew Ogbeche