April 15, 2024
Cricket Betting

Cricket has long been compared to baseball. The two sports have several things in common. There are always two teams facing each other. During a game, the bowler (a pitcher) and the batsmen (bat) face each other.

The bowler tries to hit the wicket with the ball to put it down, while the batsman tries to hit the ball in a way that scores a run or runs (points) for his team.

When the ball is struck, the defending team must attempt to return the ball to the wicket as quickly as possible in order to 1. destroy it or 2. allow the batsman to run as few runs as possible.

If the ball is thrown directly from the air or the wicket is destroyed while the batsman is actively underway, the batsman is out and the next team in turn is out with batting. An inning (round) is complete when all eleven players on a team have batted and are eliminated.

The absolute special feature of cricket betting is the playing time. A match can consist of two or four innings. This is exactly what results in the most diverse betting variants in sports betting.

A cricket game can last a maximum of five days. This long version of cricket is celebrated at the World Cup and the games in India. In England, the form of the game has been adjusted so that a match is always over after three hours. However, the cricket bet still takes twice as long as a running football bet.

The playing time makes cricket particularly interesting for live betting. Since the game progresses quite “slowly”, there are no betting odds adjustments within seconds. You also have the opportunity to play the cricket bets live.

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