February 21, 2024

Anfield Road stadium in Liverpool will host the match of the next round of the EPL. The local team of the same name and the team from Southampton will compete. The sides have different tasks to solve, and approach the game in different moods. The home side is the clear favorite to take advantage of their home field. What should you know before the starting whistle?


The hosts outplayed Tottenham in the previous round on the opponent’s field. But in general, Jurgen Klopp’s team is in a tangible crisis; in the two previous rounds before the game with Spurs, the Reds’ team lost first to Nottingham Forest (0-1) and then to Leeds United (1-2). It is worth remembering that these teams have more than modest goals and are fighting for survival in the league. The last time Liverpool team lost in two games in a row in the EPL was in March 2021. In their previous seven games in the AFL, the Reds had only three wins.


The Saints lost at home to Newcastle in the previous round. Earlier, Soton played on the road, where they lost 0-1 to Crystal Palace of London. In the previous eight games of the APL, Southampton was stronger only Bournemouth, twice signed a peace and lost in five meetings. As a result, the guests are in 18th place and are one point behind the safe zone before the start of the tour.


The victory over Tottenham showed that it is too early to write Klopp off. Just as important is the fact that the Reds will play at home, and the hosts will be facing a team that is going through not the best period of the season. “Soton” is struggling for survival, and will not be able to face Liverpool in their current state.

In recent matches, the Reds have shown that they have made certain conclusions in the attack, and began to play more actively at the opponents’ goal. We expect more than two goals and a win for the home team.

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