July 15, 2024

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The 30th round of the English Championship begins at Old Trafford, where Manchester United take on Everton. In the first round, Eric ten Hague’s side struggled to hold on to their win over the Toffees. Should we expect another tough match for the Mancunians?


The club is once again playing as tight a schedule as possible. In this its dependence on its own success – we have to play twice a week. The Red Devils have brought their performances in the League Cup to the title. Ahead, next Thursday, they have a game in the Europa League, with a difficult opponent, Sevilla. In addition, the struggle in the FA Cup continues, where they have already managed to reach the semifinals. But, of course, the priority will be to stay in the EPL group of leaders.

It is clear that neither neighboring City or sensational Arsenal can catch up there. But ten Hague are fulfilling their main task, to return the Mancunians to the top 4 of the Premier League. In April, there have already been duels there with tough opponents, Newcastle and Brentford. They lost to the first one, 0-2, but with the Bees they managed to take the maximum thanks to Rashford’s only goal.


The team is in its 2nd season doing the same unpleasant but important thing – fighting for survival. And in a fairly similar scenario, with a change of mentor in the winter. The 2022 savior, Lampard, did not become a hero on a long term basis – the current APL draw has shown the limitations of Super Frankie’s current potential. He was replaced by the more experienced Sean Dyche, and it had an immediate positive impact. The manager debuted with a sensational 1-0 against Arsenal, then repeated the score against rival, Leeds. And in March he managed to take 5 points in 3 rounds, jumping out of the relegation zone. This month is not easy so far, very difficult opponents. A week ago it was Tottenham, and with them we added to the piggy bank, playing 1-1.


A crucial match for both teams. Manchester United cannot lose points in the battle for their place in the top four of the Premier League, while the Toffees are fighting to retain their place in the elite of English soccer. We don’t rule out the possibility of a repeat of the last game between MU and Brentford, namely a lot of corner kicks by halftime. Another TB corners on the outcome of the game and continuation of United’s series is possible. The Toffees have been hitting De Gea’s goal on a regular basis in recent seasons, we can expect both goals and a win for the home side.