September 22, 2023

21 августа в рамках 2-го тура сыграют триумфатор минувшего сезона, победитель Лиги чемпионов «Реал Мадрид» и занявшая скромное 11-е место в том же сезоне «Сельта».



Last season Celta played very, very poorly, finishing 11th with 46 points. The density of competition at the bottom of La Liga was such that there were several teams on its tail, and it was separated from relegation by eight points. In the first round team is waiting for the home meeting against Espanyol on August 13, and then they can think about the match against the “Royal Club”.

As for summer transfers, not many big names were added to the team: defender Oscar Minges, who has played 19 games for Barcelona this year. Plus Gonzalo Paciencia, who transferred from Eintracht and played a certain role in winning the Europa League last season. The list of players who left the club includes Mexico’s Nestor Araujo, who went to his home country to Club América, and Nolito, who is now a free agent.


Real Madrid approach the new season with Karim Benzema in the squad and David Alaba, who has already played well in his first season. Antonio Rüdiger, who moved from Chelsea, also joined the ranks of the club in the off-season. And the club had to part with a number of significant players: after many years with the team parted great Marcelo, Isco left to Sevilla… Gareth Bale went to conquer the overseas fields, becoming the Los Angeles player, and Luca Jovic left for Fiorentina. Kylian Mbappe could have been among the additions, but everyone knows how this unpleasant story turned out for both Parisians and Madridians: both sides were dissatisfied.


Recommended bet: second half win against Real Madrid

It is worth waiting for Real Madrid in the Super Cup and the first round of La Liga to draw conclusions. But for now we will proceed from the available odds: even if Real Madrid does not lead in the first half, it will definitely do well in the second. And we will see at least three goals in the match, that’s for sure: with a player of Benzema’s level it can’t be otherwise.


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