April 15, 2024

After Lionel Messi missed a penalty in the Champions League match against Real Madrid yesterday, he became the player with the most penalties and the most penalties in the tournament. Here’s a look at who is in the top five with Messi on the list of players who have taken the most penalties in Champions League history.

 1. Lionel Messi

In the PSG-Real Madrid match, Messi scored his 23rd penalty in the Champions League. Messi has taken 23 penalty kicks in the Champions League, conceding 18 and conceding five. Messi was the main penalty scorer in the FC Barcelona. Messi wasted a penalty when he played for Argentina in the final.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

Manchester United’s Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is just behind Messi on the list. Ronaldo, who took 22 kicks, scored 19 goals and wasted three. Ronaldo is also the player to have scored the most penalties in the Champions League.

3. Sergio Aguero

Argentina’s Sergio Aguero, who recently retired from football, is third on the list. Aguero, who took 15 kicks, hit 11 and lost four. Aguero was Manchester City’s leading penalty scorer while playing for Manchester City