June 17, 2024

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On April 27, Tottenham Hotspurs will host the 33rd round of the English Premier League, in which Tottenham will face Manchester United.


The team is becoming quite a “dark horse”. First, it was scandalously abandoned by Antonio Conte – this time the triumphant 2022 did not spend a year and a half in office. It was already clear that it was necessary to finish the draw, although there was still a chance of 4th place. “Count” replaced Stellini as “acting” but failed in less than a month. With him he managed to take only 1 win, over Brighton, before which there was a draw with Everton, a struggling survivor. Somehow we were able to tolerate a defeat to Bournemouth, with which Kane and company played 2-3 at home.

But on the weekend, Newcastle wiped out the Spurs midway through the first half: by the 21st minute, the score had reached 5-0 in favor of the forty. It ended 1-6, and after that the man from the local structure, Ryan Mason, became “Acting”. But what did he manage to change in the couple of days following that failure at St. James’ Park?


The club received another resounding “slap” a week ago, far from the first under ten Hague. The English side, especially Maguire and De Gea, were banged up in Spain after missing out on victory at Old Trafford. As a result, Sevilla consolidated their “curse” status for the Red Devils by defeating them 3-0. So ignominiously left already in the quarterfinals of the Europa League the team that in February on the case knocked out Barcelona, and then the stalwart Betis. On the other hand, Eric managed to win the League Cup in Foggy Albion, which is the first title for MU in recent years. And on Sunday, he managed to squeeze out a pass to Brighton.

At Wembley, the opponents failed to score in game time, but the Seagulls were unlucky in the penalty shootout. In addition, they also managed to play well in the APL, and since the winter they managed to gain a foothold in the top four. By the way, this game is extremely important in this regard. After all, it is Tottenham, despite their problems, occupy the fifth position, and there is a chance to break away from them for good in the fight for the Champions League exit.


The only thing that speaks for Tottenham before this game is the factor of their own field. Alas, that’s where all Spurs’ advantages end. In reality, they are very bad, as confirmed by the recent meeting with Newcastle (6-1). The London side were even left without a head coach.