April 15, 2024
Bet Insurance

Betting insurance is a fairly common service offered by bookmakers. 1xBet betting insurance should be understood as making a profit even if the bet turns out to be a loss.

It should be noted that the insurance can be total or partial. In the first case, the player receives the entire amount in his personal account, in the second case, a certain part.

The cost of insurance depends on its type. The higher the bet amount and the insured amount (in percentage), the higher the commission that the bookmaker will pay to the betting company.



No bettor can know 100% of the outcome of a match. Even the most correct forecasts can be flawed. What about those matches, where the probability of either side winning is high?

You can take advantage of the 1xBet betting insurance service. Many players ask themselves: “What does it mean to insure a bet at 1xBet?” There may be several answers. First of all, a definition can be used: betting insurance is a full or partial refund of the amount of money lost.

Secondly, it is necessary to describe the betting insurance process and the mechanism to recover the money, in case of loss. If we take the process, the player can secure almost any event in pre-match or in-game.

A bet can be a single or a parlay. As for money, 1xBet compensation depends on the amount insured. If full insurance has been selected, then all funds will be credited to the player’s account.

However, it is worth remembering that the higher the compensation percentage, the higher the service fee.