May 24, 2024
1xBet Betting

Keeping a good record of your bets is an essential practice for success and profit optimization, regardless of your sports betting goals. In general, it is important to record everything, even small day-to-day expenses, investments, bills, and income. In betting, it is no different, the more information you can register, the easier you will find to improve your results and income.


It is important not only to record but to analyze the annotated data. For example, it is essential to know in which market you perform better, if you get more profit in pre or live bets, what is your average odds, and in which odds you have better income. All this helps you to strengthen your method, as it shows you your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to focus your efforts on what is necessary.


The great advantage of having a public record for other people is gaining notoriety and credibility in the market. Tipsters (experts who sell their analysis) are in the spotlight today, being a profession in high demand by bettors. To become a successful tipster, you must have good records of your bets to gain the trust of customers.

In addition to working as a tipster, having public records in betting can provide other jobs as investors and unions, who can hire you through their records.

Thus, keeping records is very essential if you are a serious bettor and trying to make money from it.