April 15, 2024

PSG has found a replacement for Killian Mbappe whose contract expires after this season. PSG is set to sign Italian club AC Milan’s youngster Rafael Liao amid strong reports that Mbappe could join Real Madrid on a free transfer.PSG is set to offer  70 million for a player whose contract with AC Milan expires in 2024. According to reports, PSG will acquire Rafael Liao even if Mbappe signs a new contract and stays with PSG.

PSG is targeting 22-year-old Liao as part of its mission to nurture young players and make the team better. Messi, Neymar, and Di Maria, all of the key players currently playing in the PSG forward line, are all in their late thirties. PSG is also trying to eliminate another player, Icardi, next summer.A left-winger and striker, Liao has played thirty-two games this season, scoring eleven goals and six assists for PSG. PSG are looking to add another Portuguese player following the acquisition of Nuno Mendes from Sporting Lisbon last summer.