May 23, 2024

When you talk about a fixed match, what you probably think of first is a defender or a goalkeeper who lends himself to facilitating rival goals in exchange for an envelope with money from the opposing dressing room. Or in a previous agreement between two clubs, which agreed months in advance that in their final match of the season the points would go to whoever needed them, without having to mediate any financial payment.

They are examples that have existed practically forever that, however, do not measure up to the problem of match-fixing in the middle of 2022. Today, sports fraud is an entire illegal industry that pursues financial gain through organized crime, and mafias.

But fink about it: if someone really had “insider” info about future match, why this person would shre this knowledge with anibody? Please, keep your head clean and trust more to analytics and facts, but not to some no name insiders, to whom main target is just to fix odds, but not to help you get profit – thats for sure!

More than a thousand cases:

The pandemic has also contributed to the growth of sports fraud, according to data handled by Sportradar, a leading company in the world in the detection of fixes.

The maximum peak is still in 2019 when 880 alerts jumped, but in 2020, with much fewer competitions due to the general confinement, the figure rose to 692, more than in any previous year.

The issue of match-fixing is a complex problem that lacks a simple solution. It is important to make the population aware of it,” adds the Sportradar executive, who invokes one last difficulty amplified by the pandemic: dating in a bar with the player or referee you want to corrupt is no longer the norm, but to do it through online communication channels.

As in any illegal business, everything is that the one who better and faster anticipates the movement of those who want to stop him wins the game.

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