July 15, 2024

Mauricio Pochettino, who joined PSG in the vacancy left by the dismissal of Thomas Touchell, is set to complete his first full season with the French club. Reports of Sedan joining PSG are mounting amid rumors that Pochettino could join Manchester United after being criticized for not managing the team’s superstars properly.

If PSG has decided to appoint Zidane as a coach, there is no doubt that it also aims to keep Mbabane with the club. Under the current circumstances, Zidane is the only one who can persuade Mbabbe to sign a new contract with PSG. Mbabbe may also want to play under Zidane, who has won three consecutive Champions League titles for Real Madrid.

The good news is that Sedan is coming as a coach for PSG fans. There is no doubt that Sedan PSG, which has handled some of the biggest players in Real Madrid with ease, can do the same.